Pre-School Course

The cognitive aims to be achieved in this learning cycle are:

  1. Enjoying playing music at an early age in ensemble / choir classes;
  2. Using musical language by playing / singing as a form of natural expression;
  3. Involving the children in artistic worlds, and learning how to express themselves through it;
  4. Creating a participatory audience in that they like listening and feel the need to do so.


The pre-school classes are for students aged 4 and 5, corresponding to Level 0.

The Level 0 introductory course has a workload of 45 minutes per week.


Max and Mia in the Wonderland of Music


“Max and Mia in the Wonderland of Music” is the methodology proposed for the pre-school classes and has been used in CMSM since the 2016-17 school year by Professor Maria José Barros, who did her training at the Conmusica Institute for Modern Music Education, where this was developed.

The main aim is the development of the child's basic music skills, in the areas of reading, listening and recognising different sounds, knowing harmonies and rhythmic structures, methodically preparing for future learning of an instrument, from the age of six.

It is structured based on psychological development and carried out in a way suitable for the children, who are encouraged to discover new things, experiment with sounds, have fun and enrich their communication through musical activities.

In this methodology, parents or guardians, or another adult that can accompany the student, are invited to take part in the classes one class per month.



Pre-school class timetables

2023/2024 school year

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