Introductory Course

The cognitive aims to be achieved in this learning cycle are:

  1. Enjoying playing music at an early age in ensemble / choir classes;
  2. Using musical language by playing / singing as a form of natural expression;
  3. Involving the children in artistic worlds, and learning how to express themselves through it;
  4. Creating a participatory audience in that they like listening and feel the need to do so;
  5. Learning one or more instruments allows the children to acquire skills during this phase, continuing their studies, which will allow them to spontaneously choose the path they want their musical career to take, looking at it from a professional or entertainment point of view.


The Introductory course has 4 levels.


The Introductory levels are aimed at students in primary school:

  • Level I - students in the 1st year of basic education;
  • Level II - students in the 2nd year of basic education;
  • Level III - students in the 3rd year of basic education;
  • Level IV - students in the 4th year of basic education.


The correspondence of these levels to the year the students are in at school is merely indicative. Teachers may redistribute the students according to their development.

The introductory course has a workload of 135 minutes per week, divided up into ensemble (45 minutes), music training (45 minutes) and instrument classes (45 minutes).

Introductory class timetables

2023/2024 school year

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