Bonjóia Youth Orchestra

The Bonjóia Youth Orchestra has around 100 members: violins (with different levels of technical / artistic development), violas, cellos, double bass, transverse flutes, saxophones, trumpets, oboes and guitars. The children are aged between 7 and 16. There is also constant assistance from the teachers of the instruments involved in the project.

It was presented publicly at the Rivoli Municipal Theatre and was attended by all those involved in the conception and execution of the project; Curso de Música Silva Monteiro,Porto Municipal Council,Ministry of Education (DGEstE), BPI and BIAL (companies funding the purchase of instruments), school groups of the students involved (Viso EB 2, 3, Cerco EB 2, 3, Clara de Resende EB 2, 3 and Fontes Pereira de Melo EB 2, 3, as well as Rosário School, French School and German School).

Based on the “Music for All” project, which arose from a partnership between CMSM and Porto Municipal Council, and aimed at giving underprivileged children the opportunity to have vocational music education through the coordinated system (taking advantage of the legislation in force) with the support of private companies for the purchase of instruments for these students (BPI and BIAL) and with access to all the specific artistic training (musical training, ensemble / orchestra and instrument classes given individually) at the mainstream school (in the TEIP school groups in Viso and Cerco), this project was extended to Porto City by including other schools and students from different socio-cultural backgrounds. It is intended that MUSIC / ORCHESTRA PRACTICE should be a vehicle of fruition and natural integration and that the rehearsal periods and concerts where the students from all the schools get together should be a “space” for working and communicating which, by diluting differences, itself becomes a model of integration that is non-existent in the current social organisation. Exchanging experiences around a common goal makes it possible for students, parents and guardians, teachers, schools and the public to interact and establish the common platform constitutionally provided for: EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES.

Everybody involved in the creation of the Bonjóia Youth Orchestra believes that MUSIC, apart from being an integrating element, is also a means of expression that develops the individual in human and cultural terms, giving them a universal language that will bring them closer to others, making them happier people and better citizens. The Orchestra is open to all initiatives and backing that contribute to achieving and developing its aims.

Music for All II
Bonjóia Orchestra - Toy Symphony / Leopold Mozart
Bonjóia Orchestra - Lou Yanan - pipa
Bonjóia Orchestra - Viva la Vida - Cold Play/sinfónico
Bonjóia Orchestra - Finlandia J Sibelius

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